Exhibitor - Mounting and exposition layout

AS Tartu Näitused is regulating the arrival and leaving, lifting service, customs agent service, storage and loading dock service for the exhibitors of Maamess 2019 on the fairground as follows.

Road traffic rules on the territory of Maamess 2019

Each road user, traffic manager and all other persons must comply with the requirements of traffic legislation, be careful and cautious in traffic and ensure smooth traffic in order to prevent danger and damages.

No one may endanger or hinder traffic with their activity or failure to act. A person who caused a hazard has to implement all feasible measures to eliminate the hazard or to alleviate the negative consequences thereof. If necessary, the manager and/or police has to be notified of the hazard caused.

The highest permitted driving speed in the outdoor area is 20 kilometres per hour. In the immediate vicinity of a pedestrian, a vehicle may drive at the pedestrian speed. Road users have to be polite and considerate to other road users and avoid anything in their behaviour that may hinder traffic, endanger or injure people, damage property or the environment.

Arrival and receipt of exhibits and shipments
No shipment that does not bear the name of the recipient of the shipment, i.e. the exhibitor company, and the number of the exhibition space is permitted on or accepted at the territory of the fair. A shipment is also not permitted on the territory of the fair in the event that the owner of the goods or a representative of the exhibitor company is not present to accept the shipment at the time of the arrival of the shipment.

Entering and leaving the territory of the fair

Access to the territory of the fair through the access road on the side of the Veterinary Clinic of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, i.e. towards Tallinn, is permitted to vehicles with a loading capacity of 3.5 tonnes. Vehicles with a loading capacity of over 3.5 tonnes can enter through the extension of the Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi Street, i.e. the access road towards Tartu.

All access and exit roads to the territory of the fair are monitored and traffic is regulated by the crew of the security company G4S. Entry to the territory of the fair without the permission of G4S is prohibited both during the assembly and dismantling period. If necessary, a heavy-duty vehicle/exhibit is sent to the location of exhibiting by the traffic manager of AS Tartu Näitused.

Registration of the arrival of wide vehicles and vehicles of special dimensions

The arrival of wide vehicles and vehicles of special dimensions has to be approved by the organiser. The time and date of arrival has to be registered and the name and telephone number of the contact person of the exhibitor company that accepts the shipment at the territory of the fair has to be notified of. Vehicles are permitted on the exhibition site accordingly.

Use of the logistics site and trestle

A loading dock for unloading exhibits with a width of 238 cm and loading capacity of 10 tonnes is situated near the territory of the fair in the logistics area/parking lot next to the railway; the loading dock is used on the basis of a live queue and is free of charge. Exhibitors have to organise the unloading of wider and heavier exhibits themselves.

Occupational safety and responsibility

Throughout the entire duration of the fair, the exhibitor is responsible for complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of the Republic of Estonia in their exhibition area and outside thereof if assembling or dismantling work is carried out outside the exhibitor’s exhibition area!

Delivery and assembly of exhibits on the fairground is permitted at the following times:

* On Friday, 19 April, the territory of the fair is closed due to a public holiday. 

Wednesday 17 April 8:00–17:00
Thursday 18 April 8:00–17:00
Saturday 20 April 9:00–17:00
Sunday 21 April 9:00–17:00
Monday 22 April 8:00–18:00
Tuesday 23 April 8:00–18:00
Wednesday 24 April 8:00–18:00


Removal and dismantling of exhibits on the fairground are permitted at the following times:

Saturday 27 April 17:00–20:00
Sunday 28 April 9:00–17:00
Monday 29 April 8:00–17:00
Tuesday 30 April 8:00–17:00


The service of unloading and loading exhibits at the end of the fair with a mobile crane or a telescopic loader is available for a fee. The service of storing exhibits and the customs agent services are also available for a fee. In order to order a service and book the service in the schedule, contact the company that provides the service. Billing between the exhibitor company and the service provider takes place by prepayment. Service can be ordered on site at the information desk in the fair centre, payment in cash or with a card, and the price of a service ordered on site is 50% higher than the pre-order price.

Stroman OÜ, cooperation partner of Tartu Näitused AS
Lifting services with a telescopic loader

Lifting capacity up to 4 tonnes, length of the lifting boom up to 17 metres. Telescopic loader is fitted with slings and chains for safe lifting. The driver has the right to refuse to carry out a dangerous load.


Anders Urbel
+372 742 2547

Kint Logistics OÜ
Lifting services with a mobile crane and crane


Ilja Panov
+372 505 4060

Upex Ls OÜ
Services of storing exhibits and customs agent services


Urmas Palk
+372 611 2860